Wavves en interview"Fucking Asshole..."

Le Drone

Février 2010


David Pais

For those who just discovered the web two days ago, here’s a quick catch-up about the guy. Nathan Williams is a singer songwriter who goes by the moniker of Wavves. Nathan Williams got hyped in a heartbeat after he drew the attention of the blogosphere in 2008. Since then, the boyish-looking Southern California native had time to:
Release one of the best albums of the year, go to tour in Europe, come back, go back to Europe, breakdown on stage at Primavera Festival in Spain, fight with his drummer, kick his drummer out of the band, cancel the european tour, take a lot of shit from the blogosphere, apologize, hire Zack Hill from Hella as a new drummer, get into a fight with a guy from Black Lips, lose his new drummer Zack Hill after  he broke his wrist, hire freshly unemployed Jay Reatard’s old band, go back to Europe, play in Paris in front of a crowd expecting another “meltdown”, do an interview with us after the show.
I can’t believe he’s got a song called “So Bored”.